hervey bay's famous flats - blackall fishing charters
The flats of Hervey Bay are renowned as one of the birth places of flats fishing in Australia, in the summer months the flats can see a wide range of species coming up to feed from…

  • tailing Golden Trevally
  • cruising Queenfish
  • big GT’s
  • Yellowtail king fish
  • Black Marlin and;
  • Longtail tuna…

…just to name a few. Targeting these species on lure and fly will certainly get your heart pumping. It is one of the only known places in the world where you can see Juvenile Black Marlin cruising the shallow flats.

For the flats fisherman, Hervey Bay can certainly deliver some unique shallow water captures on both fly and lure.

Whales, dolphins, dugongs, marine turtles, shore and seabirds, the elusive Fraser Island dingo and much more wildlife can also be seen whilst fishing this diverse area.

hervey bay's famous flats - fishing charters