Hervey Bay Fishing Charters August Report

August saw some great fishing for our guests with snapper still about throughout the month; the weather was a bit average as it can be this time of year with some gusty westerly blows.We did however still get out most days with the straits providing protection on the windier days.

As we move into spring pelagics will start to gear up with longtail tuna, mac tuna, mackerels, queenfish and trevally starting to already become more active.

Longatils are beginning to be more active on the surface

Flathead are a standout in September with some great sessions ahead of us. Sight fishing to laid up fish and cruising fish can be great fun on spin and saltwater fly tackle. Our ultra clear waters along Fraser Island give us a rare opportunity to do this which is an exciting way to target them.

We have some dates left over the spring period if you are interested in some spring sportfishing please be in touch with us for rates and dates. fishing(at)herveybaysportfishing(dot)com.a


Team HBFSF trip to Christmas Island
We did manage a week off in August with Myself, Jess and Murray joining a group of saltwater fly anglers for a week of flats fishing for bonefish, Gt’s, trigger fish and more in Kiribati ( Christmas Island )

We return each year to Kiribati for our bone fish fix and really enjoy the remote fishery they have, along with catching up with the people of Kiribati. This year saw some spectacular fishing again, with the trigger fish being a standout. The triggers are very challenging and test angler and gear to the limit, Myself, Jess and Murray all landed some great trigger fish, and we all came back trigger tragic’s.

When fishing Kiribati we choose to stay at the Villages, the staff, guides and accommodation at the Villages is great, a big thanks to Nail Logan and Andy Volcker for again making it a smooth and outstanding trip.See there website http://learntoflyfish.net/

We will be returning again in 2017 and will be hosting a group for another week of fantastic fishing. If you are interested in joining our group for some saltwater fly fishing please be in touch for more information. fishing(at)herveybaysportfishing(dot)com(dot)au
Another quality fly film from Krank Productions

Our good mate Benny Godfrey has done it again, creating another great film. even if you don’t fly fish watching  this film will certainly get you thinking maybe you should.  Congrats to Benny, Bretto and Shannon along with everyone else involved. Check out the trailer here https://vimeo.com/167712034

Parallel Lines is a film created by close mates, a film about personal journeys through life, fly fishing and its consequent synergies with art, surfing and mateship.

The film gets inside the minds of fly anglers Shannon Kitchener & Bretto Wilson as together they travel to destinations that are both new and spiritual to them. Along the way they enhance their understanding behind the parallels between other passions in their lives and fly fishing.

Come on the journey with them as they tell their stories and fish with each other, and their own mentors, in some of the most fish rich, fascinating and beautiful locations in Australia.

Fly fishing has a unique process of bringing like-minded people together, and putting them in locations that challenge, stimulate and evolve them, Parallel Lines is a story of that process.
You can purchase copy’s through Benny’s website http://www.krankproductions.com.au/shop/